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The soil environmental regulation of the soil pollution control process has been normalized in liaoning

Liaoning is a famous old industrial base in China, especially the industrial base of heavy chemical and raw materials, and has a long history of industrial production, which is known as the "eldest son of Chinese industry". For a long time, liaoning has been making outstanding contributions to China's economic development while remaining serious pollution problems. Among them, the repair of industrial pollution site is one of the key environmental problems that need to be solved urgently. In recent years, liaoning province has carried out a large-scale pollution repair for industrial sites...

Product knowledge - 2016-09-08 16:12:49

The market analyzes the current situation, development and development trend and market demand of China's natural gas distributed energy market in 2016

Distributed energy refers to the system in which the energy system is arranged in small, small, modular, and decentralized ways in the client, which can transmit cold, hot and electric energy independently. Distributed energy sources including solar energy, wind energy, fuel cell and gas heat and cold a variety of forms such as electricity trigeneration, including gas cold heat power trigeneration because of its efficient utilization of traditional energy, promote the advantages of energy saving and emission reduction, it has been widely used worldwide." ...

Product knowledge - 2016-09-08 16:12:49